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Xvape Fog Pro Vaporizer
Xvape Fog Pro Vaporizer
Xvape Fog Pro Vaporizer
Xvape Fog Pro Vaporizer
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The Xvape FOG PRO convection vaporizer - at the forefront of vape technology!

Released in September 2021, this amazing vaporizer works using 100% convection technology, and aims above all else to preserve the taste of your herb while producing plush clouds of vapor.

In comparison with it's predecessor, the FOG PRO includes new operating features to improve the end-user experience. For one, the temperature control is now freely set between 100-220 ℃ degrees. It displays the temperature on a bright OLED display on the side of the device, and only takes 15 seconds to reach the max temperature!
They have also introduced haptic feedback to indicate that the device is ready for use. When it reaches the desired temperature, it will give a discrete vibration to notify you! The fair-sized steel housing is embedded with an ergonomically-shaped fingergroove, so filling and packing can be done smoothly with a simple finger movement. The cover is conveniently attached to the device with a magnet and its internal parts can be easily taken apart for cleaning.
The FOG PRO has a wide zirconia mouthpiece that allows for large clouds of vapor to form. The housing of the device is made of a strong but light aluminum, and has no plastic parts inside, making cleaning it much easier!
As with other XVape vaporizers, the rechargeable battery is detachable, meaning it is very easy to replace. For longer forest trips, it is worth taking several charged batteries with you. They have also increased the battery power to 3200mAH. This allows for more than an hour of continuous use on one battery!
As a rare novelty, this device also has a charge shield that allows the device to be used during charging!
The FOG PRO charger has been replaced by an easy-to-use USB-C model that guarantees fast and even charging.
The bottom of the device also has its own tool for changing and cleaning!

Device dimensions:

Height 10.5 cm
Width 4.35 cm
Depth 2.5 cm
Weight 582 g

The package includes

- Fog Pro vaporizer
- 3200mAH 18650 battery
- Capsule for concentrates
- USB-C charger
- 2 packs of seals
- Cleaning brush
- Cleaning cloths and sticks
- Operating instructions English and Finnish

Quick start guide: 

Fully charge the battery before use. Grind your herbs carefully and pack them evenly, with enough space for air flow, in the housing of the appliance. Turn the mouthpiece outwards and quickly press the square power button three times to turn on the device. Adjust the desired temperature (180-200 ℃ is often the appropriate starting temperature) with the < > key. When the device vibrates, it is ready for use. The vapor production starts immediately, so all you have to do is enjoy your experience!

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